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Join Group-IB Digital Risk Summit to hear about the latest global trends from industry experts, dive deep into new technologies, get insights from practical use cases and discover our next-level Digital Risk Protection solution.

The Summit brings together independent analysts, cybersecurity experts, and companies from various industries to share practical ideas. Group-IB Digital Risk Summit is intended for a variety of participants: CISOs, CIOs, marketing officers, legal and compliance teams, digital content creators, incident responders and investigators, and more.

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Our Services and Solutions


Vulnerability Assessment & Pen-Testing

A comprehensive health check of a system for exposed vulnerabilities including External Vulnerability Assessment (EVA), Internal Vulnerability Assessment (IVA), External Pen-Testing (EPT) and Internal Pen-Testing (IPT).

We provide specialized scanning required in complying PCI-DSS. Our scanning is conducted through and certified by PCI ASV (Approved Scanning Vendor) partner.

We can customize the framework, scanning strategy and provide customized report consists of vulnerability findings, risk ratings and remediation recommendations.

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Consulting and PCI DSS Certification

We offer cyber security consulting and advisory that includes the following services:
• Digital Forensic
• Security Expert Advisory
• Computer Crime Investigation
• PCI DSS Consultation

We also provide full end-to-end services to assist, guide and help companies to achieve PCI DSS compliant certification.

From the Gap Assessment, Remediation, Audit and Certification including ASV (Approved Scanning Vendor) Scanning, we are representing our overseas partner which is PCI QSA (Qualified Security Assessor) and authorised by PCI SSC to conduct business in Indonesia.

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TataCyber Academy

TataCyber Academy has a team of global cyber security experts and trainers to provide training from basic security awareness to specific topics in cyber security areas tailored your business needs.

Some of cyber security training modules available for on-site or online delivery are:
• Cyber Hygiene
• Cybercrime trends
• Cobalt group targeted attacks on financial organizations
… and many other topics

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